Shopping Mall In Kl

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Shopping Mall In Kl

How much is the Taxi fares from The Gardens Shopping Mall to TARC College, KL ? Thanks. After looking around, I learned — Before there was a revise in the fare, the taxi from Ampang Point to The Gardens costs around RM12-15. I took it a few times before. With the revise, I am guessing around RM16-24. I think the fare from TARC to The Gardens would be slightly lower/the same with the Ampang Point-The Gardens fare. I think the taxi driver will be using the Jalan Genting Klang – PWTC – KL Sentral route to The Gardens. Considering the road is clear, the journey takes around 20-30 minutes. Well, if 4 persons are sharing a taxi, just expect to pay RM6 per person. I think it’s worth it since you don’t need to change transportation so many times (TARC-Wangsa Maju LRT-Bangsar LRT-The Gardens). But I don’t know if the taxis are willing to take you so far.

OK so if you have not had a Doctor Fish foot massage check this out. MYR 32 for 30 mins at the Pavilion Shopping Mall in downtown KL. There are legitimate medical reasons for having this treatment, for me it was simply for the experience. More info at: en. Wikipedia. Org


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